When you pulled that lever, connected that line or drew that X for Donald Trump as President of the United States, when you delivered that sucker punch to the “latte liberals” you can’t stand, when you stuck your finger in the eye of those hateful Hillary minions, did you realize what you voted for? Oh yes, you voted for the misogynist, the serial liar, the narcissist, the only candidate in the last 40 years not to reveal his tax returns, but that was ok because he was going to “drain the swamp”, provide “better and cheaper” health insurance for everyone, bring back the coal mines, revive manufacturing, and “build a wall”. Oh sure, right.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reads the lyrics of Al Wilson's song "The Snake" during campaign event at Grumman Studios in Bethpage, New York

Well, how do you feel now, after six months of this gasbag buffoon president and his billionaires’ club “cabinet from hell” who are destroying that which they were sworn to preserve and protect? Some of you who have watched closely, done your reading,  kept track of what’s happening in Congress and know what’s in the latest healthcare “reforms”, who realize what’s happening as rules are cancelled or “delayed” and regulations are shredded, may be having second thoughts and may have joined the swelling “disapprove” ranks counted by the pollsters.

But others of you, some of whom I know, have actually doubled down on your reckless choice. You’ve clenched your fists, stiffened your back, closed your eyes and ears to anything else but Fox News and talk radio, continued to lamely chant, “lock her up, lock her up” or “I hate Nancy Pelosi”, and excused this clown president’s disgraceful behavior with feeble excuses like, “Oh well, he’s just being bombastic”.

Well Trump voters, in addition to governing by tantrum and tweet, and a general coarsening and cheapening of public discourse, here’s some more of what you have so far and your leader has only just begun. Ask yourself – is this truly what I want for myself, my loved ones, my country and my planet?

  • United States withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords, which is embraced by virtually the rest of the world,
  • Decimation of Obamacare which, however imperfect and based on the shaky foundation of corporate profit, did extend coverage to millions, now to be taken away,
  • Attacks on reporters and an undermining of a free press, absolutely essential to a democracy,
  • Planning for an infrastructure program based on corporate investment and profit and that aims to privatize what should be public,
  • A planned tax program that will reduce taxes on the wealthy and on corporations,
  • A childish and cynical reversal of our fifty years overdue improvement in relations with Cuba,
  • Implicit approval of racism and prejudice against Muslims and Muslim countries,
  • Retarding efforts to resolve the immigration question and establish policies that provide a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants,
  • A spawning of the most significant graft and corruption at the presidential level in history,
  • Presenting an ignorant, undignified and selfish national face to other nations and the world,
  • National parks and national monuments attacked in the hope that they will be opened to corporate exploitation,
  • An accelerated pace toward privatization of public functions, the latest example being air traffic control,
  • Privatizing and corporatizing public schools, making them profit centers instead of learning centers,
  • Disdain for and erosion of the rule of law – attacks on Federal judges, the Justice Department and the FBI,
  • Gutting Dodd-Frank, hastening the day for the big banks and corporations to cause another economic meltdown,
  • Emasculating the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau,
  • Increasing limitations on voting rights, making voting more difficult, not easier,
  • Bringing back the futile “war on drugs” along with discredited mandatory minimum sentences,
  • A crippled federal government riddled with vacancies because candidates are reluctant to work for a reckless chief executive who could harm their careers,
  • Rolling back of civil rights enforcement in the Justice Department and Education Department.


And from the New York Times a couple of days ago – “Are you really ready to abandon protections of your drinking water? What about that school hamburger? Is it O.K. to eat? Can you depend on Medicare or Medicaid? Are toys safe? Can workers fight overtime violations or discrimination? Will government agencies be there to police mortgage, student-loan and retirement-savings abuses? Will the education of special-needs students be protected?”

God help us all….and thanks again, Trump voters.